ESRA Meetings and Workshops 2017

Langenfeld, Austria

13th ESRA Winter Week Workshop January 15-20, 2017. 



Madrid, Spain 

European Cadaver Workshop for Residents, February 15-18. 



Innsbruck, Austria

2nd ESRA Pain Cadaver Workshop. February 23 2017 and 

25th ESRA Regional Anesthesia Workshop February 24-25 2017



Algarve, Portugal. April 3-7, 2017

2nd ESRA Spring Monothematic Conference: Chronic Pain Management.



Madrid, Spain, May 25-26, 2017

26th ESRA Cadaver Workshop: Regional Anesthesia Ultrasound-guided Techniques.



36th Annual ESRA Congress. September 13-16 2017. Lugano Switzerland.


4th SARA spring symposium, Fribourg June 5th- 6th 2015

The spring meeting of 2015 was under the main topic of neuraxial anesthesia. The PDF files of all presentations have been uploaded, you will find them under: Presentations

SARA Satellite & GA 2015

The SARA Satellite Meeting in St. Gallen was again very well attended. We thank everyone for your participation. We had as our guest of honor Professor Vincent Chan, Head of the Department of Anesthesia of Toronto Western Hospital speaking about Hopes and Limitations of Regional Anesthesia. Dr. Jose Aguirre told us about the use of RA in Trauma and then Dr. Eric Abrecht spoke about the Mechanisms of Nerve Damage in Regional Anesthesia. It was followed by an inspired debate of Dr. Andrea Saporito and Dr. Jose Aguirre about the pros and cons of continuous vs single shot nerve blocks in our everyday practice.

The PDFs of the given talks will appear shortly in in the "Presentations" section. 

At the GA 2015 Dr. Eric Albrecht was elected Swiss ESRA Council Member. Now with Dr. Jose Aguirre we have two Swiss representing us with ESRA. 

SARA Satellite Program  in St. Gallen November 12, 2015
is uploaded and will be published together with the final program of the SGAR-SSAR annual Congress as well

Protokoll of the GA in St. Gallen November 12, 2015
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