Interlaken 11/2018

SAOA Spring Meeting 2018


Maintenance of labor epidural               T. Girard / Basel

Epidural fever, a problem?                     P. Vuilleumieur / Bern

Abnormal placentation                           A. Papadia / Bern

Tranexamic acid in obstetrics                 G. Savoldelli / Genève

Pregnancy and orphan disease              B. Conti Rossini / Locarno

SAOA Satelite Symposium 2017 at the SGAR/SSAR Annual Congress Interlaken


Post-dural puncture headache                       M. Paech / Perth AUS

Management of preeclampsia                        R. Dyer / Cape Town ZA

Chronic pain following caesarean section      B. Rehberg / Geneva

Recent publications in obstetric anaesthesia: my selection    M. Paech 


Can drugs improve safety of obstetric anesthesia ?   Sintetica Symp..

Extending EA for emergency CS                      M. Baeriswyl / Lausanne

Spinal hypotension during cesarean section    R. Dyer / Cape  Town ZA  

SAOA Satellite Symposium 2016 at the SGAR/SSAR Annual Congress Basel


Preeclampsia- what you do need to know?          T. Girard / Basel

> Part 1    > Part 2

Unsatisfactory labour epidural, what to do for C/S?   U. Misra / Sunderland UK

Is consent during labour acceptable?                         T. Gruberski / Basel

OAA/DAS Guidelines for difficult airway                     M. Mushambi / Leicester UK

My top five publications in 2015/2016                         U. Misra / Sunderland UK




SAOA Spring Meeting 2016, Olten


How many platelets do we need ?                     C. Kern / Lausanne

Peripartum management of LMWH and ASS     M. Blondon / Geneva

Coagulopathy in PPH                                       D. Bolliger / Geneva



SAOA Satellite Symposium 2015 at the SGAR/SSAR Annual Congress, ST.Gallen


1) Ultrasound for neuraxial blockade                   R. Isaacs / Southampton

2) The role of lung ultrasound and TTE in obstetric anesthesia 

     Part one    Part two                                      L. Muller / Nîmes

2) Obstetric ultrasound                                      T. Fischer / St.Gallen

SAOA Spring Meeting 2015, Kilchberg


Failed neuraxial anaesthesia - what now?      M.Berriswyl / Lausanne

Neurologic complications - whom to blame?  B. Rehberg-Klug / Geneva

Accidental dural puncture - what next?          G. Savoldelli / Geneva

Remifentanil-PCA - new warnings?                A. Melber / Muensingen

Closed claims - what can we learn?               S. Staender / Maenndorf

What's new in obstetric anaesthesia?            B. Buddeberg / London               

SAOA-SENA Autumn Meeting 2014, Interlaken

1) Program

2) Prompt Training: integrating simulation drills into an effective multidisciplinary

    training program for OB emergencies / D. Siassakos       Part 2a.   Part 2b.

3) See One, Do One, Teach One: Not in the New Competency Based World / V. Naik

4) Interprofessional education a "buzzword" or a real imperative? / R. Greif

5) Decoding OB Crisis Chaos: Simulation to improve quality and safety / V. Naik

SAOA Spring Meeting 2014, Aarau

The parturient with endocrine disease / B. Müller (follows)

The parturient with cardiac disease  / D. Tobler

Infection & Sepsis-the new threat to OB / N. Lucas

What's now in obstetric anesthesia? / Th. Girard

SAOA Autumn Meeting 2013, Lausanne

How can we evaluate clotting? / M.Ganter

Uterotonics for anesthesiologists / N. Roten

Interventional radiology / S. Terraz

New management trends in PPH / R. Dyer  (might follow)

Swiss PPH algorithm / T. Girard