SGAR-SARA Satellite 2016

Introduction and greetings / A. Borgeat, Zürich

Ambulatory surgery anesthesia: cost saving or cost transfer? / M. Skues, Chester (UK)

Revival of spinal for ambulatory anesthesia / T. Palas, Biel

Continuous peripheral nerve blocks for ambulatory surgery: only for specialists? /

A. Saporito, Bellinzona

Issues of sedation in regional anesthesia for ambulatory surgery /

A. Borgeat, Zürich

Short acting local anesthetics for ambulatory surgery:

the holy grail?/ J. Aguirre, Zürich




SGAR-SARA Satellite 2014

Meeting Program

When not to block / W. Harrop-Griffiths

Optimizing postoperative pain management:

Lower abdominal procedures / E. Albrecht

Hip surgery / A. Borgeat

Knee surgery / J. Aguirre

Foot surgery / A. Saporito



SGAR-SARA Satellite 2013

Why to combine regional and general anesthesia in pediatric patients? / M. Jöhr

Regional anesthesia: in awake patient only? / A. Hadzic

Ultrasound guided nerve blocks: where should I position my needle tip?

Part1 Part2 Part3 / E. Albrecht

Benefits of regional anaesthesia in orthopaedic patients: myths and reality /

J. Aguirre   follows

Standards in practice of peripheral nerve blockade, are there any? /

A. Hadzic

2nd SARA Anual Symposium and Workshop / Balgrist

  1. Meeting Programm June 29th
  2. SARA: Quo vadis? / S. Gligorijevic
  3. Research Topics / A. Borgeat (follows later)
  4. Untrasound for PainTherapy / U. Eichenberger
  5. Infusion Regimen for Catheters / E. Albrecht
  6. Economic Aspects of RA / J. Aguirre
  7. RA for Children / J. Mauch
  8. Revival of  i.v. Lidocaine / A. Borgeat
  9. Workshop Practical Advices / J. Aguirre 

SGAR-SARA Satellite 2012 & See-Spital 2013

Non-anesthetic effects of Local Anesthetics / A. Borgeat

Adjuvants in Regional Anesthesia / J. Aguirre